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  • Grove Lane
    Article: Sep 9, 2020
    By Peter Dobbs

    Conservative councillor suggests this should be an example for other areas.

    During a very long and heated meeting of Derbyshire Dales District Council held over Zoom on 3rd September, Cllr Tony Morley made the above comment about a family that had purchased some land and established a camp in his ward (Norbury).

  • Moorland fire (eyeoncalderdale)
    Article: Sep 7, 2020
    By Peter Dobbs

    Three Tories change their vote after intervention of council officer

    At the two hour meeting of the full Derbyshire Dales District Council held over Zoom on 3rd September a motion was proposed by a group of Lib Dem, Green, Labour and Independent councillors calling for the establishment of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in order to help protect areas of moorland from the devastating effects of wilds fires. These PSPOs would enable fixed penalty fines to be issued to anyone using a disposable barbecue or lighting an open fire in the designated areas.

  • Coal Yard Clifton (Street View)
    Article: Sep 7, 2020
    By Peter Dobbs

    The Coal Yard off Watery lane Clifton was probably one of the worst kept 'secrets' of Derbyshire Dales District Council

    The council's members and officers are on record as saying the authority had 'failed in its duties to house a family of travellers who have registered as homeless - with the council legally obliged to assist and that it must resolve the issue as a priority'.

  • Article: Sep 6, 2020

    Liberal Democrats are fighting to give NHS and care staff from other countries the right to stay in the UK.

    Like the rest of our wonderful NHS and care staff, hundreds of thousands of people from other countries are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, putting themselves in harm's way to make sure we get the care we need.

  • David Hughes (Peter Dobbs)
    Article: Sep 1, 2020
    By Peter Dobbs

    Derbyshire Dales District Council meet via Zoom on Wednesday 2nd September. They are tasked with making choices on both a future permanent traveller site and a temporary 'tolerated' site so the traveller family in question have somewhere to stay whilst the permanent site is prepared.

    Opposition councillors are concerned by the way that they are being expected to make very significant decisions without sufficient information about the advantages and disadvantages of each site. In particular they call into question the recently announced Tansley site, where key facts about its suitability have not been made available.

  • Ed Davey
    Article: Aug 27, 2020

    Ed Davey elected as new Lib Dem Leader

    Derbyshire Dales Liberal Democrats congratulate Ed Davey on his election as Party Leader

    Ed Davey has been elected as Leader of the Liberal Democrats. In an short announcement at 11.30am today Party President Mark Pack declared that Ed Davey had been elected with 42,756 votes to Layla Moran with 24,564. (57.6% of the party membership voted).

  • Sir Ed Davey (UK Lib Dems)
    Article: Aug 27, 2020
    By Sir Ed Davey MP

    I'd like to start by thanking my friend Layla Moran. Layla, you fought a passionate campaign, full of energy.

    I'd like to start by thanking my friend Layla Moran.

    Since becoming an MP, you have inspired so many people, particularly young people. Your future is bright and I look forward to you playing a big role in my team.

  • Petition: Aug 24, 2020

    Open Letter to DDDC

    We request that Derbyshire Dales District Council provide as soon as possible an opportunity for all councillors to be briefed by relevant Council officers on their current strategy for monitoring air quality in the Dales. This briefing should also provide an opportunity for questions to be asked and suggestions made. The meeting, if possible, to be 'open' to the public via YouTube.

  • Damaged kerbstones on Buxton Rd
    Article: Aug 24, 2020

    Open letter to Council requesting clarity on Air Pollution

    Local Lib Dem councillors have requested a meeting with the relevant officers of Derbyshire Dales District Council in an attempt to understand what is delaying action to reduce air pollution.

    You could add your support to this letter by signing our petition.

  • 7cap (Thanks to Heather Barnes for sharing their work on Unsplash.)
    Article: Aug 21, 2020

    Some time ago when Boris Johnson was accused of wanting to secure all the benefits of membership of the EU without taking any of the responsibilities, to have his cake and eat it, he memorably said that yes indeed was in favour of cake and of eating it!

    As our guest piece from Peter Black below illustrates the reality of taking back control is that it is leading to unforeseen and unfavourable consequences when it comes to illegal immigration

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