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  • 83cl (Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash)
    Article: Oct 12, 2021

    A combined report by the parliamentary committees on science and technology and health and social care, both with Tory Chairman and majority Conservative memberships reported today on the covid pandemic and the response to it. They report took a year to compile and was begun when the government refused an early public enquiry into what went on'.

  • No BBQ banner (Peter Dobbs)
    Article: Oct 7, 2021
    By Peter Dobbs

    Banners like this one have been displayed in Council parks for some months now. They can hardly be described as 'subtle' in their messaging and whoever designed them was not a student of the 'gentle nudge' approach to behavioural change. However their message is clear on BBQs - don't light one in this park.

  • fvm9 (Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova on Unsplash)
    Article: Oct 5, 2021

    Our Prime Minister loves a good slogan!

    With the global climate conference in Glasgow only a month away he has another one . "Coal, cars cash and trees" Not as snappy as get Brexit done but it aims to summarise areas of focus for the conference.

    So how is the UK actually doing on his agenda


    The other thing our PM likes to do is throw out targets even if un-supported by actions. He did it again yesterday when he announced no coal generated electricity by 2035

  • bst4 (Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash Drive better results with a smart marketing platform)
    Article: Oct 3, 2021

    Following the sentencing of Sarah Everard's murderer and further revelations about the Metropolitan Police, Ed Davey, has called for a Royal Commission into male violence against women and girls and for misogyny to be immediately declared a hate crime.

    Ed said:

    Enough is enough. Since Sarah Everard's tragic death, 80 women have allegedly been killed at the hands of men. It is time to treat this issue with the most serious response possible.

    The undermining of the authority of the police around the safety of women means that only the most senior form of inquiry into this matter will do.

    Alongside immediate action to make misogyny a hate crime, a Royal Commission is the best way to bring long lasting change.

    The Conservatives promised in their 2019 manifesto a Royal Commission to look into the criminal justice system, in their first year in office. While they failed to deliver then, they should now establish a Commission with a more focused remit, specifically into men perpetrating violence against women and girls.

    Violence by men against women and girls is like a pandemic and should be treated with the same attention and urgency. After so many heartbreaking events this year alone it beggars belief that too many women still feel unsafe just walking alone. We can't live in a country where half of the people in it feel unsafe and under threat both in the street and for too many, tragically, in their own homes.

    Our criminal justice system is badly failing women, and the Government must act with urgency to do more to support survivors and prevent violence.

  • Bins in Mayfield Road cropped (Peter Dobbs)
    Article: Oct 3, 2021
    By Peter Dobbs

    Residents of Mayfield Road and Church Street in Ashbourne could well be in two minds about the national shortage of HGV drivers.

    Last week they suffered yet another failed collection of their recycling, leaving the pavements cluttered with blue bins, bags and boxes as households leave them out 'just in case' Serco find the time and staff to do a 'catch up' round.