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A General Election is coming soon. What will you do?

October 5, 2019 5:20 PM
By Robert Court

A General Election is coming soon. What will you do?

The Conservatives have been desperately trying to deliver Brexit as soon as possible, for the sake of the Conservative party. If it means a "No Deal" departure from the EU, that is fine by them, whatever it costs.

  • Food and medicine shortages? They don't care.
  • Sheep farmers exporting lamb to the EU hit by a tariff rise from zero to 48%? Tough.
  • Break the law, break democracy, break up the United Kingdom? Fine by them.
  • Exploit Her Majesty the Queen for their own ends? Yes, another line they will cross without a qualm.
  • They have thrown out over 20 previously loyal MPs, including Churchill's grandson, who voted with their consciences against the madness of "No Deal".

Is this your Conservative party? If it is, vote for them; if it isn't, don't.

For Labour, the biggest peace-time crisis for a century is nothing compared with purging their party of those who somehow don't fit in.

  • Brexit policy? Leave or remain? Who knows? No clue.
  • People's vote? Maybe, and will we ever be told which side, if any, they are on anyway? Very doubtful.
  • Stand up for young people's future? Throw the Labour Students organisation out of the party.
  • A popular Jewish MP? Shout abuse at her until she leaves the party and joins the Lib Dems.

Is this your Labour party? If it is, vote for them; if it isn't, don't.

The Liberal Democrats under Jo Swinson believe that those who argued for Brexit misled us on the benefits and glossed over the difficulties of undoing a 40-year relationship. The electorate has changed since 2016.

  • We will act in the national interest.
  • We believe that any deal (or no deal) should be subject to a people's vote.
  • But failing that, if we are elected as a majority government, we will act upon the mandate we have been given and revoke Article 50, stopping Brexit.
  • We believe in a liberal, open, compassionate, 21st century Britain.
  • The first Liberal Democrat budget will prioritise physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • We have a credible plan to help save the planet from the effects of climate change.

If these are your values, vote Liberal Democrat.

Robert + constituentI am sure you realise that we are the only party who could take this seat from the Conservatives. You do not need to choose the lesser of two terrible evils. You can cast a positive vote.

I will be the Liberal Democrat candidate at this election. I have experience to offer from outside politics, having been a teacher and headmaster. But this is not about me. I have put myself forward for the sake of the country. Now you have a chance to change things for the better. Please take the chance.