Doubts about accuracy of testing statistics

June 3, 2020 10:12 AM
Originally published by Babergh South Suffolk Liberal Democrats

bbvc (By UK Statistics Authority -, Public Domain, Liberal Democrats say the UK Statistics Authority letter released today about the official testing statistics shows that government ministers have been "wilfully misleading the public".

Layla Moran. MP said

The UK Statistics chief has rightly criticised the government for their shocking misuse and spinning of statistics. The number of tests posted out is not the same as the number of people actually tested. Everyone sees through this and all it does, in the end, is erode trust in politics and politicians.

At a time like this, the government should be having honest, grown-up conversations with people based on clear reporting and facts. They should be making decisions based on actual numbers of people tested, rather than stats that are spun to fit a political agenda.

By continuing to withhold figures on the actual numbers of people being tested, and providing inadequate and confusing data, government ministers are standing up in Downing Street and wilfully misleading the public.

For those who want to read it the full letter follows

David Norgrove letter on coronavirus test statistics - p1

David Norgrove letter on coronavirus test statistics - p2