Has Boris pre-empted a new ONE metre rule?

June 3, 2020 11:38 PM
By Peter Dobbs
Boris after PMQs 3rd June (BBC)

Close encounters of the 1 metre kind - PMQs 3rd June BBC Parliament

Camera angles can be deceptive but the screen grab shown above does suggest that PM Boris Johnson was rather closer than 2 metres as he stopped for a chat after PMQs today - Wednesday 3rd June.

I have not seen the briefing document presumably issued to MPs about the significance of the various taped lines on the floor but my guess is that the central gap between the black / yellow hazard tape is where you are expected to walk whilst there are MPs seated on the front benches (or standing in front of them).

If this is typical of behaviour around the parliamentary estate, then the possibility of Westminster being a future Covid 'hot spot' can only be increased.