'Time for 20' in Starkholmes, Derbyshire

June 27, 2020 9:18 PM
By Sue Burfoot

'Nobody wants to see accidents in Starkholmes, least of all a fatality' says Lib Dem County Cllr Sue Burfoot.

Stakrholmes (Google)

Starkholmes Road

On Monday 22nd June, Town and County Councillor Sue Burfoot presented the following motion to Matlock Town Council, seconded by Councillor Matt Buckler, a Town Councillor and resident of Starkholmes. The motion was approved unanimously:

"That Matlock Town Council writes to Derbyshire County Council requesting that they seriously consider a 20mph speed limit in Starkholmes and that they revise the road markings as appropriate following further speeding and accidents during the Coronavirus lockdown."

Sue Burfoot cropped by spire (Peter Dobbs)

Cllr Sue Burfoot

Councillor Sue Burfoot said "As County Councillor, I have been working with the community here as the issues in Starkholmes are obvious - speeding vehicles, narrow pavements or in some places no pavements, blind corners, and 'give way ' signs at the pinch point between Brick Cottages and the White Lion pub, which are confusing. Many accidents and near misses have already occurred.

Safety is an everyday concern to pedestrians and to homeowners whose properties front directly onto Starkholmes Road. Numerous meetings have taken place and much e-mail correspondence, but the issues and concerns raised have not been fully addressed."

According to Councillor Buckler, "Residents have been actively campaigning for action for over twenty years, ever since the Sainsbury's development and the one-way system over Matlock Bridge was introduced and Starkholmes became even more of a rat run. Residents agree that 30mph through Starkholmes is just too fast. It is a proven fact that accidents at 20mph are less severe, and what is needed is implementation of a range of measures to minimise accidents".

There is currently a national campaign, named '20's Plenty for Us', backed by many in the medical profession as well as Local Authorities, which calls for a national default urban speed limit of 20mph.

Matlock Town Council wants to send a clear message to the County Council urging them to take action on the issues facing this community, to include an investigation into a 20mph speed limit in Starkholmes, between Matlock Green and Willersley, together with other measures, many of which have been suggested by a proactive group of very concerned residents.