Travellers at Grove Lane ‘Settled, happy and great neighbours’

September 9, 2020 10:32 AM
By Peter Dobbs

Grove Lane

A well hidden traveller site

Conservative councillor suggests this should be an example for other areas.

During a very long and heated meeting of Derbyshire Dales District Council held over Zoom on 3rd September, Cllr Tony Morley made the above comment about a family that had purchased some land and established a camp in his ward (Norbury).

He even offered his help to other councillors - to "give them a guided tour of this site and offer his assistance in how to allow travellers to settle in to the proposed new site (in Tansley)".

There is just one major problem in this. A retrospective planning application for the traveller site in Grove Lane (19/01005/FUL) was refused almost 8 months ago and an enforcement notice served last month. (ENF/20/00006)

The council has ordered that the site be abandoned and the area returned to farmland.

It seems hard to believe that they are as 'happy and settled' as Cllr Morley suggests.

Cllr Morley has been contacted for comment but no reply has been received at the time of publication.