Is He Gone Yet?

November 7, 2020 11:35 AM
By Tony Clayton
Originally published by Liberal Democrats in Sevenoaks, Dartford and Gravesham

Is He Gone Yet

Trump's desperate efforts to stay in office, sowing distrust in the democratic system, are bad for all of us. Populist nationalism combined with attacks on the democratic process - smearing opponents, stoking prejudice and disregarding the truth - have truly terrible precedents in history.

Our politicians, of all parties, should be standing up for the values which we share with liberal democracies across the world.

It's not 'interference' to support the right of every citizen to have their legal vote counted, or to criticise the attempts by some to have the election system politicised, and votes suppressed.

When this is all over perhaps we could show the States, whose postal voting system has been crippled by Republican lawyers, that there are some things we do better in the UK!