Highfields Academisation - Don’t rush it!

February 3, 2021 10:30 AM
By Paul Cruise

Effective consultation is needed before this far reaching step is taken by Highfields School, Matlock

County Cllr Sue Burfoot has written to Highfields School Chair of Governors to urge that effective consultation on proposed academisation is undertaken.

Sue Burfoot outside Highfields (Martin Burfoot)

County Cllr Sue Burfoot

Sue writes - "Matlock residents and all living within the catchment area of Highfields School, especially those with children, will care for the future of our local community school.
The move to consultation by the Governors to convert the school to an Academy is rushed as no meaningful consultation can surely be carried out during the COVID pandemic.
A change to academisation would be an irreversible decision for staff, pupils, parents and the wider community.
Full consideration of the arguments is crucial and must be done openly and fairly with all stakeholders and interested parties involved. This must include open, public meetings when debate is possible.
This is too important a decision to be rushed and needs meaningful consultation with accessible meetings where interested parties can raise concerns. I recommend that this happens when face to face meetings are safe and therefore possible."

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