Peter Dobbs

Educated in Bristol and Cambridge, I am a retired chemistry teacher who moved to the area from the South West over 14 years ago to help look after our grandchildren with my wife Midge.

I have become increasingly concerned about the problems government policies are creating for our society. A lack of openness and honesty in decision making seems to have pervaded all levels of government with decisions made with little scrutiny by just a few people and then voted through with little dissent allowed, whatever the quality of argument made in opposition to the proposal.

Locally, I feel that Ashbourne has not been allowed to develop in a way that is sympathetic to its history, with the centre hollowed out as modern developments enlarge the town's footprint on the surrounding countryside. The lack of a coherent plan seems to have resulted in a town struggling with increasing traffic and air pollution and with little sense of where it is heading.

A lack of co-operation between District and County Councils (both currently Conservative controlled) has also not helped in the creation of a clear strategy to tackle housing development that is in no way sustainable. Homes with gas central heating and poor provision for safe walking and cycling are still being built.

I would like to see the Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan give the town the legislative framework required to shape development to the needs of Ashbourne and not those of the developers. I would also like to see developers encouraged to contribute to projects that will enhance the sense of community, for example the conversion of an existing building into an Arts Centre.

I applaud the work of the Ashbourne Town Team and Ash Comm in generating innovative ideas for Ashbourne's future.

I have campaigned on air pollution, pedestrian safety, and facilities in Ashbourne Park.

If elected I will listen carefully to the concerns of residents and speak up for them at Council. I will also endeavour to keep residents informed about decisions taken that are likely to affect their environment.

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